We design products where the idea is, and stays, the centrepiece of the design process, from beginning to end. You will find geometric forms in many of our products. Construction strategies are also often integrated into the creative process to be a quirky part of the design solution.

We strive to use natural materials as much as possible. For centuries natural materials were a proven, reliable elements in all kinds of products. We strive to get back to a better balance between what we use from the planet and what we give back through planting, recycling or otherwise. The latest materiality news is a foam made from natural fibers which is being transitioned into parts of the collection. However it is a process as testing is still always necessary with new developments to meet our standards as well as those of the market. It is the balance of durability as well as the kind of materials used to assure the all important longevity for the life-time of a product. It is why we put just as much attention into the construction and finishings of our products as well as the materials. Perfection is a process that we are constantly evolving.